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Juno Orders | Order Management System for Salesforce

Juno Orders is a native Salesforce application for order management.  Everything from quoting, shipping, purchasing and invoicing can be done in this enterprise application.  There are several unique features that make this application special.  The Contact Address feature allows you to store multiple addresses for each contact in Salesforce.  Those Contact Addresses are uniquely leveraged throughout Juno Orders.  Users can create customer Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Invoices all within this application.  Creating PDF versions from each above mentioned modules is meade easy using our proprietary Doc Template PDF building included with Juno Orders.

Juno Orders
Juno Orders Features
  • Store unlimited addresses for each contact in Salesforce
  • Create quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, shipments and invoices
  • Leverage PDF templates using our included PDF creator
  • Email templates allow you to send Quotes, Purchase Orders, Shipments and Invoices with a single click
  • Integration available for eCommerce including Magento using JunoSYNC
  • Accounting system integration available for Quickbooks Online

eCommerce Integration

JunoOrders is ready to make your eCommerce operation more efficient.  By leveraging our JunoSYNC Magento application, you’ll have the capability to automatically synchronize Contacts, Products and Orders with your JunoOrders installation.  Each time a new order placed through the shopping cart, it’s automatically populated as a new Sales Order in JunoOrders.  Your staff can easily create product shipments, vendor purchase orders and send customer invoices with very few mouse clicks.

Accounting Integration

Once you’ve processed customer orders and created purchase orders and invoices, the next thing you’ll want is our JunoQBsync module to synchronize all of those customers, vendors, orders and po’s with your Quickbooks Online.  It’s super easy and works flawlessly.  It’s the total package; Magento, Salesforce and Quickbooks all in sync with JunoOrders.


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