Salesforce Contact Addresses

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Enhance Salesforce by enabling additional addresses for the contacts you already manage.


JunoSFCA Salesforce Contact Addresses

JunoSFCA is a unique application that enables the creation and management of additional contact addresses for your Salesforce Contacts.  Unlock the power of adding multiple addresses for each contact in your Saleforce org.  Use these additional addresses to extend to other features such as quoting and order management.

Salesforce Contact Address Module
JunoSFCA Features
  • Easy to use related list under Contact object containing additional Contact Addresses
  • Each Contact Address is given a unique name
  • Store any Company or Organization name as part of the Contact Address
  • Address fields include email, phone, first, last company, street, city, state, zip and country
  • Customize the Contact Address module to meet your business needs
  • Utilize the Contact Address in other applications including JunoSYNC and Juno Orders

JunoSFCA used with JunoSYNC

JunoSFCA (Salesforce Contact Addresses) is already integrated into our Magento eCommerce application JunoSYNC.  Each time a customer in Magento adds a new address to their profile, that same address is synchronized to Salesforce as new Contact Address.  Having your critical Magento customer data handy and accurate in your CRM proves priceless.  No double-entry or doubts about the address the customer has provided.

JunoSFCA with Juno Orders

The awesome powers and full features of JunoSFCA are already included in our the Juno Orders product.  By choosing Juno Orders, you’ll get 100% of the functionality of the stand-alone JunoSFCA product, plus dozens of features offered by the Juno Orders system for Salesforce.  Juno Orders is a feature-rich Order Management System, complete with Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Purchase Orders and additional features to add integration with world class accounting systems like QuickBooks.