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Magento Application Development

Magento Development

As a Salesforce registered partner, our staff carries not only the credentials for amazing APEX and Visualforce coding, but also decades of combined experience.  Past and current projects have given our team exposure to all types of business challenges and use cases for Salesforce. Whether you’re seeking an improvement to an existing application or looking to build out an entirely new solution, we have the know-how and creativity to make it a success.

Types of Projects

Application Customization

Often times, you’ll have an application that your staff uses and you think is great – though you know it could be better.  Perhaps a button to automate and remove multiple redundant steps.  This could include several downstream mouse clicks that a user must go through to close out a case or an opportunity.  Removing those steps by automating or condensing into a single click may save your staff hours per week or even per day.  Free up your staff to do other tasks important to the business.

APEX Coding and Development

Creating a new application need not be complicated or costly.  Your business is unique and sometimes the best course of action is to build something truly unique for your processes and your customers.  One of the real beauties of Salesforce is the capability to build magnificent applications quickly using a platform you’re already familiar with.  Leveraging the Salesforce mobile apps can further extend your vision right into the mobile lifestyle of your team without additional cost.

Software Integration

While we would love to believe that we can run our entire business right out of Salesforce, there are always those critical external applications that we need to interface with.  It’s true, there are plenty of connector sites out there that may offer API intermediary interfaces, however, those frequently don’t meet the complex needs of today’s connected businesses.  Sometimes, what you need is real integration.  Connecting application to application directly using the available API interfaces can be incredibly powerful in helping you to achieve your most ambitious goals.


Salesforce has many great features, though the Communities product is an outstanding product which allows your customers interact directly with you.  Communities gives your customers an opportunity to work directly with your staff delivering a powerful combination of simplicity, access and high levels of customer service.  You already know how Salesforce has helped your staff become more organized and efficient, now you can extend that efficiency by allowing your customers to access you through the same channel.