Recent Projects

Order Management System for Salesforce

Managing customer orders in Salesforce has never been easier than with the Order Management System we created for Enterprise customers.  Create Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Vendor Purchase Orders, Invoices and more.

Data Synchronization Application for Magento

Synchronizing thousands of customers, addresses and orders from your shopping cart to your fulfillment system can be a drag.  This application was built as an install-able module for Magento to make data synchronization a breeze.  Customers appreciate how much time they save with this data sync integration.

Multi-Tenant SAAS Application

Enterprise-ready multi-tenant SAAS application built using Ruby on Rails.  CRM features include Accounts, Contacts, Products and Security.  Startups frequently need a robust platform from which to grow their ideas quickly.  This platform gives startups the advantage they need to get working on their idea immediately.


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